Kepulauan Seribu

Cross the Sea to 1000 islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

  1. Brief Notes about 1000 islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

When you heading to Soekarno Hatta airport, you will see some islands like dots, it is called ‘Kepulauan Seribu’ – means Thousand island but actually consists of 128 small islands, located in the bay of Jakarta in the Java Strain.

The islands ideal spot for Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming and Relaxing.


  1. What will you find?

Beautiful tropical water, pale blue to turquoise merging with white sand. Shady coconut groves to relax under. Very ‘laid back’ island unaffected by big development.

Walk, hire a bike, motor cycle – becak motor to tour the island.

Hire snorkeling or diving gear or a banana boat.


  1. What do you need to bring?

Swim suit, Towel,  Hat, Sun screen, Sandals, Camera


  1. What is the Plan?

We will pick you up from the hotel/ residence at 6 a.m, and progress, by taxi to the port. Ferry will arrive at the island at about 9 a.m then leave at 3 p.m sharp.

Arrive back at your hotel/ residence at about 6 p.m.


  1. When is the best time to visit?

Sunny day and Dry Season (March – September)


Include : Lunch, Bottle of Water, Transportation from Hotel to Destination and vice versa , entrances

Exclude : Dinner and buy some souvenirs, renting: bike, snorkeling& diving equipment  

Note : It is Full Day Trip, if you need stay longer, we will arrange it for you, just email us smiley

Package for 1-5 persons

Children age under 2, free.


Cost :

US$ 155 for 1 person

US$ 110/ each for 2 persons

US$ 95/ each for 3 persons

US$ 85/ each for 4 persons

US$ 80/ each for 5 persons     



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