Enjoying Puncak

  1. A glance about Puncak

Puncak literally translates to Peak.

A gateway that has beautiful view of tea plantation located about 100 km south of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia. A place refreshingly cooler than the Coast, due to its elevation.


  1. What will you find?

-          The historic city of Bogor. Old capital of Indonesia with beautiful Botanic Garden

-          Tea plantations

-          Water falls

-          Optional joy flight over the Puncak Area ( the fee is around IDR 376,000 = US$ 40 )


  1. What do you need to bring?

Shoes/ sandals, hat, camera, jacket (cool place)


  1. What is the Plan?

We will pick you up from the hotel/ residence and proceed to Puncak,

As we climb to higher ground – look for the cooler air, very refreshing on your face.


  1. When is the best time to visit?

Anytime, when no rainy (rainy season is around September – February )


Include : Lunch, Bottle of Water 200 ml, Transportation from Hotel to Destination and vice versa, Tips for Local Guide, entrances tickets

Exclude : Dinner and personal expenditures

Note : It is Full Day Trip, if you need stay longer, we will arrange it for you, just email us smiley


US$ 155 for 1 person

US$ 85/ each for 2 persons

US$ 70/ each for 3 persons

US$ 60/ each for 4 persons

US$ 50/ each for 5 persons    

Package for 1-5 persons

Children under 2 years old, free

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