‘KOTA TUA’ (The Old City) By DAY or NIGHT

  1. A glance about Kota Tua (Old City)

Jakarta was originally known as Batavia, and during the 16th and 17th centuries was known as “The Jewel of Asia”. At that time Batavia’s Sunda Kelapa Habour was a thriving port dispatching precious spices, tin and copper to the Netherlands. This trade made the Netherlands very wealthy, and was a administered in important buildings many of which still exist today in “Old Batavia”. 


  1. What will you find?

‘Kota Tua’ is dripping with history:  Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Fatahillah Square and Museum Fatahillah (a must for culture and architecture lovers), the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (with works by Affandi and Raden Saleh), Wayang Museum, Bank Indonesia and Bank Mandiri Museums, Pasar Ikan (fish market), Kota Intan Drawbridge, Jakarta Kota Station, Dharma Bhakti Vihara, Toko Merah, St Maria de Fatima Church, Sion Protestant Church, Cafe Batavia.


  1. What do you need to bring?

Shoes/Sandals, Camera


  1. What is the Plan?

We will pick you up from the hotel/ residence and heading there by public transportation (Taxi, Bajaj)


  1. When is the best time to visit?

Anytime from early morning to evening/ night. 


Include : transportation

Exclude : personal expenditures

Package for 1-5 persons

Children under 2 years old, free


US$ 70/ person

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